The BPTA (Businesses Professionals and Tradespersons Association) was formed as an umbrella association to bring about the unification and integration of all United Pentecostal Businesses, Professionals and Tradespersons in Jamaica to provide greater fellowship, and to create a greater platform of growth and development for all.

In consistency with the seven (7) regions already set up by the UPCJ organisation seven (7) BPTA regions were formed.

They are :-

  • Region 1 – Kingston & St. Andrew  – 21 Churches
  • Region 2 – St. Catherine & Clarendon – 22 Churches
  • Region 3 – St. Thomas & Portland – 13 Churches
  • Region 4 – St. Mary & St. Ann – 34 Churches
  • Region 5 – Trelawny & St. James – 13 Churches
  • Region 6 – Hanover & Westmoreland – 7 churches
  • Region 7 – St. Elizabeth & Manchester – 8 Churches

Each region is setup with a Regional board and executive which reports to the National Board.


To initiate and coordinate activities that will enhance the health, improve the education and provide sustainable livelihoods for members of the United Pentecostal Church of Jamaica.


A church united in purpose, where members do not lack necessities and church growth is unlimited.


  1. To establish an education fund by which needy students of the church can be assisted with bursaries and scholarships.
  2. Provide a program by which the unemployed of the church can be trained in a skill or profession and can be gainfully employed.
  3. To organize members into groups of similar professions and skills to benefit from their combined service offerings.
  4. To Promote works of art, music and literature authored by members of the church.
  5. To Design and Implement programs and projects that will enhance health and increase the wealth of the membership.
  6. To Generate Income for the church through the establishment of a lucrative businesses.
  7. To Build and maintain an interactive website that will enhance the Spiritual, Educational, Social and Financial prospects of the membership.

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